Recycled cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard (test liner). COLORED recycled cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard (test liner)

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Reznik Danil Vitalyevich

Head of Marketing Department

Basic parameters of cardboard:

  • number of layers: 2;
  • cardboard grade: K-3;
  • weight: 150, 175, 200 g / m²;
  • format: within the limits of 2100mm (1050, 1250, 850, 1200, 900, 2100, etc.);
  • diameter of the sleeve: 76mm;
  • average weight of the roll: 700 kg (for the format 1050mm);
  • average roll diameter: 1000mm.


It is used specially selected quality cellulose-containing waste paper for the production of cardboard. Advanced molding technologies in combination with the use of effective chemicals have made it possible to achieve a significant increase in the strength parameters of the products. Excellent printed properties of cardboard, open wide possibilities of use for production of high-quality corrugated packaging.

Cardboard for flat layers of corrugated cardboard can be used for production of corrugated box with high requirements for stacking height.