Silicone technical plate

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Stepanova Nadezhda Vasilyevna


Silicone plates are made of rubber based on silicone rubber (VMQ) for operating conditions from -50 g.С to +200 g.С (short-term heat resistance 250 g.С)
Color: white, black (it is possible to manufacture in a different color according to the customer's preferences)

The size of the plate is 250 * 250 mm. Possible thicknesses in mm: 2; 4; 5; 10

It is also possible to produce other thicknesses by agreement.

The silicone plate withstands steaming, hot water. It is used as an insulating material at high temperatures.

Basic properties :

- excellent heat resistance
- long service life
- unchanging electrical properties
- does not support burning
- does not have a smell, taste, is not toxic
- has excellent resistance to weathering
- not subject to sunlight, fire, moisture, dryness
- does not support the growth of fungi
- used in various industries

Used for the manufacturing of rubber products which are used as fixed joints as gaskets, sealing rings, etc.
Prevents friction between metal surfaces for the perception of single shock loads and also as decking and dielectric in electrical appliances.