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Adhesive mixture GREEN THERMO «EKO-FASAD»

APPLICATION: Adhesive mixture “GREEN THERMO «EKO-FASAD» is designed for gluing facade foam polystyrene plates on the surface of brick, concrete, cellular concrete, cement-sand, cement-lime plaster and other mineral substrates. Glutinous mixture can be used inside and outside buildings in industrial and residential areas. Not applicable for extruded polystyrene!

COMPOSITION: The glue mixture "GREEN THERMO" Eco-Fasad" is made of high-quality Portland cement, mineral aggregate as well as modifying additives that improve the physical and mechanical properties and adhesion.

PREPARATION OF THE FOUNDATION: The preparation of the substrate is carried out in accordance with SNiP 3.04.01-87 and DBN B.2.6-22-2001. The substrate must be sufficiently strong and even, free from dust, dirt, lime, grease or oil paints. Fragile areas of the base must be removed. Silicone absorbent substrates must be treated with one of the deep-penetrating emulsions "GREEN THERMO" and carried out for 4 hours before performing the work. Before installing the protective reinforcing layer it is necessary to perform mechanical fastening of the insulation plates (dowels).

IMPLEMENTATION: The dry mixture must be filled in a container of clean water at the rate of 0.24-0.26 liters of water per 1 kg of the mixture while mixing manually or mechanically until a homogeneous and elastic mass is obtained. After 5 minutes the solution mixture must be re-mixed after which it can be used for 1 hour. The prepared mixture "GREEN THERMO "Eco-Fasad" is applied to the inner surface of the slab by the strip method when there are uneven surfaces up to 10 mm on the wall surface; foam polystyrene plates are used as insulation. The mortar mixture is applied in the form of strips at a distance of 20 mm from the edges of the slab along its entire perimeter and then in the middle. Strips which are applied along the perimeter should be with tears so that when the plate is glued there are no air jams. Combined (or beacon) method of applying a mortar mixture when the wall surface has irregularities up to 15 mm and the project provides for the use of expanded polystyrene insulation boards. Adhesive composition is applied to the inner surface of the heat-insulating slab along its entire perimeter by strips 50-80 mm wide and 5-10 mm thick (and even thicker in the case of an uneven base) at a distance of 20 mm from its edges. The strips must be tear-free so that air plugs are not formed when the plate is glued. And in the middle of the plate there are flapping beacons in the size of 150-180 mm in two-four places. In a continuous way the mortar mixture is applied when the surface of the enclosing structure is flat without protrusions and depressions or the irregularities do not exceed 5 mm. When using a continuous method the mixture should be removed from the edges of the insulation by 10-15 mm. In any case the amount of solution should be such that the plate is connected to the base by not less than 60% of their area. The solution should not fall on the ends of the plates, the excess solution must be removed.

RECOMMENDATIONS: In addition to the above information on the use of the mortar mixture "GREEN THERMO "Thermo-fasade” it is should be guided by a typical technological card for the installation of a bonded thermal insulation system and the current regulatory documents when working with it. If the material is used in conditions that are not considered in this technical description and a typical technological map for the construction of a thermal insulation system it is necessary to conduct trial tests on its own or seek advice from the manufacturer.

APPLICATION: Work should be carried out at a substrate temperature of +5 to + 30 ° C. All the above recommendations are effective at a temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%. In other conditions the time for truncation, setting and solidification of the mortar mixture can change. The mixture "GREEN THERMO "Eco-Fasad" contains cement and gives an alkaline reaction when interacting with water, therefore, it is necessary to protect eyes and skin during work. In case of contact with the solution rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.

STORAGE: In original sealed packaging, in dry premises 12 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.


- Proportion of the mixture: ................................. 0.24-0.26L. water / kg

- Suitability for work: ..................... not less than 60 min.

- Open time: ........................... not less than 20 minutes

- Adhesion to concrete: .................................... no less than 0.7 MPa

- Adhesion to the material ..................................... min 0,08 MPa

- (cohesive rupture on the heater): after 7 days of hardening

- Frost resistance: ............................................... 75 cycles

- Substrate temperature: ........................... from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C

- Operating temperature: ........................ -30 ° C to + 70 ° C

CONSUMPTION: The average consumption of the mortar mixture per 1 mm of the continuous layer is 1.45 kg / m2.

PACKAGING: The GREEN THERMO mixture of "Eco-Facade" is packed in bags of 25 kg.

DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS: Dispose of product residues as construction waste. Dispose of the packaging as household waste.

GUARANTIES OF THE MANUFACTURER: The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of the "GREEN THERMO "Eco-Fasad" mixture to the specified specifications when carrying out the rules of transportation, storage, preparation and application, which are listed above. The manufacturer is not responsible for misuse of the mixture.