Nomenclature high-voltage motors 6-10 kV repairing

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  • Asynchronous with a short-circuited rotor of AN-2, AZO, DAO, DA, 4A, A4, DAZO, 4AOV, SA, AB, VA series with phase rotor of AKN, AOK2, AOK4 series.
  • Explosion-proof with a squirrel-cage rotor of the VAO, AZMV, VAOU, "Ukraine" series; with a phase rotor of the "Ukraine" series.
  • Synchronous SD, SDS, VDN, SD2, SDM, SDV, SDR, SDCT, STDM, SDMZ.



  • Electric motors for 1140V with a water-cooling SGR250MI, SUN250MI (Czech Republic);
  • ASI, FM - with a phase rotor (Romania);
  • MT, MA, T, SS, SAE (Italy);
  • А, МО with a phase rotor - 2АКМ (Bulgaria);
  • KMR, AB, Siemens (Germany);
  • AKZ - with a phase rotor, Sn (Yugoslavia).


The use of thermosetting insulation on the basis of mica tape allows producing sections of high-voltage motors with a "F" and "H" class on a heat resistance.
The range of electric motors of various capacities and performances after major overhaul are realized at the plant. The warranty period for this product is 12 months. The cost is 0,4-0,7 of the cost of the new one.