Nomenclature of low-voltage motors repairing

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Automobile transport

  • Synchronous electric motors of general industrial design: with a squirrel-cage rotor AO, A02,4AN, 4AP, 4AS, AN, AIR, AIRO, AMU, MTKN, MTKF; multi-speed three-phase series AMU, 4AMU; with a MTF, MTN, AKI, MTM phase rotor.
  • Explosion-proof with voltages up to 1140V: with a squirrel-cage rotor of the 2VR, GRP, ZVR, VRL, BPM, AYU, HLW, BA02, EDN, EDKOF, MA, AUM, KO, COM, EDKV; with the phase rotor of the VRK, VAOK, MA-36 series.
  • Explosion-proof electric motors for driving coal-mining machines (combines, plows, etc.): EDC, EKV, EDKO.
  • DC motors: ДRT, EТ, EDR, DP, P, DTN, 4PFM, PM, D, 2P, DК.
  • Electric motors: ARM, ARF, VRR, AOG, AZRF, AR.
  • Quarry electric motors and generators: SDE, D PE, D, D P, DE, GP E, AE, ED, N B, GP A, ET.
  • Electric motors, aggregates and generators for railway transport: DТ-701-4, DТ-708-4, МVТ-25-9, МVТ-25-11, P-41, TMN-10B, GS225М4, ED-118, ED-107, GP-300B.