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They are intended for protection of electric installations of outflows of a short circuit and also for operative switching on and switching off of electric circuits at normal modes of operation in three-phase electric networks of an alternating current with the isolated neutral at their installation in developments of the coal mines dangerous on gas (methane) and (or) coal dust.

Automatic switches AVM-DU1 and AVM-630DU2 provide the possibility of an operative remote switching on and off from the control panel.

In addition the AVM-630DU2 switches have the capability of operative remote switching on and off from the dispatcher's console by connecting to monitoring and dispatching networks  as well as remote check of the leakage relay operation.

In switches DO, P it is used an automatic switch A3792

In switches DU it is used an automatic vacuum circuit-breaker with an electric platoon.

In automatic circuit breakers it is applied AVM-R, PMZ-M, BKI-M blocks.

In automatic switches ABM-DO, AVM-DU1 it is applied BDU-M, PMZ-M, BKI-M blocks

In the AVM-630DU2 circuit-breakers it is used the microprocessor BZU-2block.

Blocks PMZ-M, BKI-M, BDU-M are interchangeable with blocks of BDU, PMZ, BKI.