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They are intended for driving of mine electric locomotives of AM8D, 2AM8D series .
EDRT-13 engines use modern winding wire, electrical insulating, impregnating materials of heat resistance class H (instead of F for similar engines), new design and technological solutions to enhance the electrical strength of insulation of windings and the collector.
The given constructive and technological measures allowed to increase the electrical strength of insulation by 30%, to the bone by 20-25 ° C which increased the service life of insulation and increased the reliability of engines.
Electric motors have the following reliability indicators:
- time to failure, h, not less than - 8000;
- average life before the first major overhaul, h, not less than - 16650;
- average recovery time of an operational state, h, no more than 2;
- shelf life, years, not less than - 1.