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The engines are designed to operate from a three-phase 50 Hz alternating current network as a drive for stationary machines and mechanisms in underground workings of coal and shale mines that are dangerous for gas (methane) and (or) coal dust.

Climatic performance in accordance with GOST 15150-69: for delivery to the domestic market - U2.5, for export to the CIS countries - UHL2.5

Method of cooling engines IC0151 in accordance with GOST 20459-87.

Engines with a power of up to 200 kW are manufactured for voltages of 380/660 and 1140/660 V, engines with a power of more than 200 kW - for a voltage of 1140/660 V.

The level of protection IP54 is according to GOST 17494-87, the level of protection of the external ventilator from the side of the air inlet is IP20.

Type and level of explosion protection - РВ-3VIA according to GOST 12.2.020-76 for deliveries to the domestic market and RS ExdiaI according to GOST R 51330.0-99 - for deliveries to CIS countries.