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Puhkiy Yevgeniy Vladimirovich


The manufacturing and saling of disposable clothes and medical supplies from high quality, hypoallergenic, modern nonwoven material (sponbond SMS).

SMS - a composite non-woven fabric consisting of 100% polypropylene fibers. A distinctive feature is the presence between the two spunbond layers of the meltblauna material (spunbond / meltblown / spunbond).

Key qualities:

The multilayer structure of the material and the application of individual impregnation for each layer resulted in the appearance of a material with unique properties. The inner hydrophilic layer quickly absorbs and passes through a liquid (eg sweat), the middle layer of the meltlaboun absorbes and distributes over the entire area of ​​the material and the outer hydrophobic layer prevents the liquid from penetrating from the outside. This leads to very good tactile properties of the material, creates a feeling of "dryness". In addition, the meltblown layer has better barrier properties compared to the usual spunbond (with respect to bacteria) without worsening the natural air exchange of the human body.

  • Meltbane and its combinations with other non-woven materials are characterized by resistance to the effects of the most common substances as well as resistance to fungi, microorganisms and insects.
  • The main application of SMS is as a material for the production of disposable medical clothing. The presence of the meltblown layer increases the anti-bactericidal properties of SMS compared to the traditionally used spunbond 7-10 times which is very important for the protection of medical personnel.
  • It is also used as a filtering element in protective masks.
  • Disposable head restraints in airplanes and trains, sets of disposable bed linens in hotels and on the railway all over the world are made only from SMS.
  • SMS has very high absorption properties which allow not to pass through composite materials biologically active liquids, fats, chemicals.
  • The material is resistant to acids and alkalis and well sterilized.

All offered products are made of high quality materials only. They are hypoallergenic and practical to use. They have good air-permeability and allow to "breathe" to the skin.

Все предлагаемые изделия изготовлены только из высококачественных материалов. Практичны в использовании. Гипоаллергенны. Обладают хорошей воздухопропускной способностью, позволяют коже «дышать»