The start up mine machine APShD

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Incoterms 2010

They are designed to power a hand-held power tool with a voltage of 127V or 220V, lighting, automation circuits and alarms. There is also the possibility of connecting local lighting up to 0.2 kW.

The electrical circuit of the APShD unit provides protection against short-circuit currents in the outgoing power circuits and in the primary winding of the power transformer; protection against overloading of current collectors; protection against earth leakage currents; blocking the inclusion of the outgoing connection with a decrease in insulation resistance of the power wires below the critical one; protection against loss of controllability in the event of a break or excessive increase in the resistance of the ground circuit and when the remote control circuit is closed; zero protection; protection against self-switching when the mains voltage is increased.

On each outgoing connection it is possible to reverse the hand power tool. It is possible to supply current collectors with voltages of 220 or 127V.