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Explosion-proof spark-safety PIDID series are designed for remote control of the switching on and off of three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage induction motors operated in three-phase alternating current networks with a frequency of 50 Hz with isolated transformer neutral in coal mines which are dangerous for methane and / or coal dust and for protection against short-circuit currents and overload in the outgoing power circuits.

The starters are manufactured in reversible version (switching is carried out by means of a disconnector). The starters are designed to control one electric motor or two independent electric motors.

The starters do not emit electromagnetic interference on the control, protection, telecommunications circuits involved in the common cable network of the site.

Kinds of climatic execution of starters UHL5 according to GOST 15150.

It have been used contactors of the company "HANSEN", blocks BDU-4-2, BKZ-3MK and BZ-2.