The cable АVBbShv(number of cores and a cross-section in assortment)

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Proskurnin Maxim Viktorovich

Commercial director

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Automobile transport
Incoterms 2010
Packaging Types
Wooden drums, polyethylene
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from 1 m

GOST 16442-80.

It is intended for transmission and distribution of electric power in stationary installations for rated alternating voltage 660 V and 1000 V at 50 Hz, single-core cables are used in DC networks.

For laying in the ground (trenches), rooms, tunnels, channels, mines (except for laying in blocks), and also in the open air unless the cable is subjected to significant tensile forces, but in case of a danger of mechanical damage during operation. Cables of the brand VBbShv do not spread combustion in single laying.

  1. A current-carrying vein - copper, single-wire or multiwire of a round or sectoral forms of 1 or 2 classes in accordance with GOST 22483.
  2. Insulation - made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Isolated strands of multi-core cables have a distinctive coloring. The insulation of the zero veins is blue. Isolation of cores of grounding is carried out with bicolour (green-yellow coloring).
  3. Twisting - insulated conductors of two-, three-, four- and five-core cables are twisted; two-core cables have veins of the same cross-section, three-, four- and five-core cables have all the same conductor strands or one vein of smaller cross-section (earth conductor or zero).
  4. Belt insulation - in cables with a protective cover of type VBbShv it is pressed out from PVX plastic; in cables of the brand VBbShng from PVX plastic of low combustibility. The twisted strands of VBbShzng cables with round and sector veins have been turned over with extruded waist insulation made of low-combustible polyvinylchloride plasticite which should fill the gaps between the insulated conductors.
  5. Protective cover - type VBbShv: - armor made of two steel strips, superimposed so that the top band covers the gaps between the turns of the lower tape; - protective hose, extruded from PVX plastic.

АВБбШв(А)-LS - то же что и АВБбШв, но не распространяет горения, с пониженным газо и дымо образованием. АВБбШвнг(А) - то же что и АВБбШв, но не распространяет горения при прокладке в пучке.