The wire PVS (number of cores and cross-section in the range)

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Wooden drums, polyethylene
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Wire PVS is used in the manufacture of household appliances and electrical tools and appliances. It is used to connect to the network in the design of washing machines, television sets of refrigerators, all kinds of metalwork and building electric tools, other machines and devices. It also goes for the manufacture of network adapters, extension cables, etc.

Flexible wire for voltage up to 380V with twisted copper veins in PVC insulation with PVC sheath. Each vein consists of copper conductors, the core class must be at least 4.

The number of wires can be from two to five, the minimum cross-sectional area is 0,75 mm², the maximum cross-section of cable plants is 16 mm². The direction of twist is left, twisting is performed without filler. Color of veins insulation: white, gray, blue, dark blue, green, red, brown and yellow. On top of them there is a PVC-plastic sheath applied by extrusion and does not spread the combustion in a single installation. It must necessarily fill the gaps between the wires, giving the wire a round shape.

The threshold values of the basic mechanical and electrical characteristics are normalized by the standard GOST 7399-97. As for specific values for each manufacturer, they can differ within the specified limits. Therefore, accurate data on diameters, thickness of insulation, mass and other indicators should be taken from the documentation accompanying the batch or the manufacturer's catalogs.

ПВСнг(А)-LS - то же что и ПВС, но не распространяет горения, с пониженным газо и дымо образованием.