The steel fiber (from a wire of circular cross-section)

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Steel fiber (of round wire) EN 14889-1, ASTM 820-01, TU U V.2.7-28.7-00191046-015-2007 - purpose: disperse reinforcement of concrete and mortars in the manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, namely: production floors of industrial buildings, road and airfield covers, car parks, warehouses, foundations for equipment, for the construction of thin-walled structures - shells and domes in bridge construction, coatings for the mining industry, wall structures, reinforcement of the road foundation, underwater concrete structures, etc. Due to the introduction of steel fiber, the strength of concrete for stretching and bending increases by 1.5-2 times, the energy of destruction increases by 10-20 times, the frost resistance, crack resistance and a number of other characteristics of the material improves. The wavy fiber and with the plated ends is made with the curved ends (anchor).