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Grinding cast iron bodies

Makeevskiy liteyniy zavod, Ltd

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Continuous cast square billet

Yuuzovsk Metallurgical Plant, State Enterprice
The production of a continuous casting billet includes the smelting of steel in an arc steel furnace, processing at a ladle furnace and casting of steel on a continuous casting machine. The continuous billet is produced with a section of 100x100, 120x120, 125x125,130x130, 150x150 mm and is supplied with measuring lengths of 6000-12000 mm.


Standard document on a product

Steel’s brand

Standard document on chemical composition

Limit deviations in length ± 100 mm

ТУ Д 24.1-51018230-001:2017


Ст1-Ст5пс, Ст3Гсп, Ст5Гпс, 10-55, 09Г2, 09Г2С, 14Г2, 17Г1С, 10ХСНД, 15Г-45Г,

10Г2-40Г2, 20Х, 40Х, 35ХГ2, 18ХГТ, 30ХГСА, 35ГС, 55C2, 60Г, 60С2А,



Св-07Г1НМА, 70КРД, 80КРД, Gr 40, Gr 60, A36, Grade A, Grade B и другие

ГОСТ 380, ГОСТ 1050;

ГОСТ 19281; ГОСТ 4543;

ГОСТ 14959 и

other interstate and international standards

Limit deviations on the side of the square from ± 2.5 mm to ± 3.5 mm

The diagonal difference is not more than 10 mm

Cutting not more than 10 mm

Curvature not more than 7 mm

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The corrugated grid


The corrugated grid GOST 3306-88 (galvanized and uncoated) - has square cells, is made of low-carbon and carbon wire. They are used for sifting loose materials, for screens of concentrating mills, for fencing the territory, for enclosing dangerous parts of machines and mechanisms, etc.

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The welded grid

The welded grid is made by the method of contact welding of wires (galvanized and uncoated). Purpose - for reinforced concrete structures, for fur farming and poultry farming, for fastening of mine workings, for household needs.

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