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Sausage and delicatessen (pate and liver sausage)

Gorlovka Meat Processing Plant, SE.


 - French with mushrooms, sandwich bacon, liver pate, an aleptic brawn, a saltwich set, a liver popular, a cat's dinner;

Due to the combination of meat raw materials, offal and milk pates and liver sausages have a soft consistency. The addition of onion, garlic and spices gives them an original flavor and aroma. The appetizing product produced by the combine is referred to traditionally Slavic products and has a high nutritional value.

Other products include pork liver, fat, pork offal, poultry, potato starch, water, salt, spices. The other product group is stored at a temperature of 0 ° C to 6 ° C and a relative humidity of 70-80%:

- in a natural shell - 2 days;

- in a polyamide shell - 8-10 days

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