Engineering plant “KANT”, Ltd

Registration Address
Donetsk, Batisheva St, 10b
Actual Address
Donetsk, Batisheva St, 10b

The modern technopark "Kant" Ltd. makes it possible to produce complex metal structures, hydraulic cylinders of large and medium size, hydraulic equipment, mechanized mine supports, complex shafts, heavy parts of machines for metallurgical production.

Technological capabilities of “Kant” Ltd. allow producing multistage hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with a maximum length of 8000mm.

"Kant" Ltd. has the ability to perform major repairs of sections of mechanized supports of various modifications and sizes of domestic and foreign production.

Wide opportunities
The plant has a modern fleet of machining equipment which includes turning, deep-milling, milling, grinding, horizontal boring machines.

Modern technologies
Modern technologies for the restoration of machine parts and mechanisms from 50 to 1000 mm in diameter and up to 9,500 mm in length by surfacing with subsequent machining.



Deputy Director