Collective scientific and production innovation enterprise "Energoengineering", Ltd.

Registration Address
DPR, Donetsk, Titova Ave, 8B
Actual Address
DPR, Donetsk, Yugoslavskaya St., 5

Directions of work:

  1. Development, manufacturing, supply, technical support of the entire spectrum including high-pressure valves, industrial pipeline fittings, components and spare parts for thermal power (TPP, TEU, boiler rooms, etc.), chemical, oil and gas, mining and processing industries.
  2. Manufacturing of sealing elements from thermally expanded graphite, washing-stuffing pads.
  3. Development and manufacturing of equipment for manufacturing construction materials (foam concrete, dry mixtures, thermal insulation, brick and blocks using the technology of zone compaction).
  4. Development and manufacturing of non-standard equipment and components according to the technical task, customer's sketches.
  5. Manufacturing of components and spare parts for industrial equipment, agriculture, transport, electric transport, mining and processing industry, medicine, etc.
  6. Manufacturing, installation, adjustment, technical support of heating systems on the basis of electrode boilers.


Gutyory Anatoly Tikhonovich