TD “Producti Donbassa”, Ltd

Registration Address
DPR, 86113, Makeevka, Tupoleva St, 66
Actual Address
DPR, 86113, Makeevka, Tupoleva St, 66

The company TD "Producti Donbassa" was founded in 2002 in Makeevka. Since its foundation the plant has been dynamically developing, production capacities are increasing, and refurbishment is being carried out as required. Manual and semi-automatic production was established at the plant at the initial stages of work. In 2005-2006 the plant was fully re-equipped in order to minimize manual labor and increase production volumes. By 2007 complete automation of production was achieved which allowed to improve technological processes and improve the quality level of products. Productive work of experienced specialists made TD "Producti Donbassa" a major regional producer of mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, tomato sauces, borsch refueling and ketchup.


    The company is represented by such trademarks as:

  • TM "Mak May"
  • TM "Vesela Rodina"
  • TM "Chef-sauce"


+380506740091, +78633100350