Registration Address
DPR, 83076, Donetsk, Krasnogvardeyskiy Ave, 6
Actual Address
DPR, 83076, Donetsk, Krasnogvardeyskiy Ave, 6

Donenergomash works in the field of production, diagnostics and repairing of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Donenergomash serially produces:

  • Electric motors of the drive of mining and tunneling combines and conveyors (EDKR, EDKRV, ADKO).
  • Electric motors of mine electric locomotives drive EDRT and EDTN
  • Explosion-proof mine starters up to 400A
  • Conveyor rollers of various types and sizes
  • Steel and cast iron in a wide range

The factories of the company are equipped with modern metal-working equipment such as screw-cutting (including large-scale screw-cutting lathes DIP-500, DIP-600 capable of processing parts up to 6 meters long and weighing up to 20 tons), boring, milling , carousel, grinding, surfacing group of machines, press equipment as well as thermal production, certified test base and computer equipment for design, technological and management works.

Donenergomash carries out repairs:

  • All types of electric motors and generators of direct and alternating current with voltage 380-6000V
  • Mine explosion-proof starters of switchgears KRUV and control stations SUV-350
  • Oil and dry transformers, explosion-proof and general industrial ones
  • Hoisting electromagnets
  • Shaft electric locomotives, rock loaders, conveyors, tunneling and mining combines, pumps for pumping systems and heating systems
  • Pumping stations for mechanized supports, winches and mobile compressor units


Pishchev Andrey Vladimirovich

Deputy Director

Reception room