TOR, Affiliated Undertaking

Registration Address
Donetsk, Buchmi St., 107A
Actual Address
Donetsk, Kirova St., 54A

The company was founded in April 2015. The main activity is the production and sale of confectionery. In 2016 we registered the trademark "DonKo". All products are produced in accordance with state quality standards.

The production facilities are located on two production sites. The production of more than two hundred confectionery items in different product groups has been established:

- Chocolate products;

- Sugar-coated biscuits / unglazed biscuits;

- Glazed / unglazed sandwich cookies;

- Waffle candies;

- Taffy-based sweets;

- Glazed and unglazed fondant sweets;

- Sweets with combined filling;

- Waffle products;

- Soft biscuit;

- Marmalade;

- Pills.

The technological process of production at the enterprise is fully automated and satisfies all international requirements and standards.



Head of Export Department
+380713144407, +79996930214