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Donetsk electrotechnical plant, SE performs major repairs of any electrical equipment of alternating and direct current for any voltage class, namely:

  • DC electric motors;
  • explosion-proof asynchronous electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor;
  • explosion-proof electric motors with phase rotor of series VAOK, MA 36;
  • explosion-proof combine electric motors of imported production of EDCO, EKV (E, K, F), SG (S, P), JOY, dksWa, PK, HOC
  • electric motors for general industrial execution of series;
  • crane electric motors of MT series (H, F, K, KN)
  • Ventilators of local ventilation of the VM (EE, E, C, P).
  • Starting equipment and transformer substations


The plant is equipped with modern technological equipment, both specialized and universal. It widely uses advanced technologies and high-quality modern materials in production. The company's specialists are ready to calculate and design special or explosion-proof electric motors including the voltage and frequency of the power supply network which are used in foreign countries. The enterprise has a practice of manufacturing of unique electric motors with their subsequent industrial testing and setting for mass production.

The repairing is carried out in the shortest possible time according to the adopted technology. The quality service of the enterprise performs an input control of the base materials which are used in repairing and manufacturing (enamel wire, bearings, etc.). The warranty for the repaired electrical equipment is from 6 to 12 months from the date of commissioning. The repairing is completed by a complex of tests of electrical equipment.

Also, the Donetsk electrotechnical plant carries out the following types of work according to  drawings and samples of the Customer:

- manufacturing of metal structures for various branches of the national economy;

- rendering services for machining and welding, punching, casting of cast iron, cutting of blanks in air-plasma and oxygen cutting plants;

- restoration and uncomplicated repairing of various equipment and mechanisms.


State Enterprise "Donetsk Electrotechnical Plant" specializes in the manufacturing of power explosion-proof mountain-mine electrical equipment.

The plant is equipped with modern technological equipment both specialized and universal. It widely uses advanced technologies and  high-quality modern materials in production. The specialists of the enterprise are ready to calculate and design special explosion-proof electric motors for voltage and frequency of the supply network which are used in foreign countries. The enterprise has the ability to manufacture "unique" electric motors with their subsequent industrial testing and setting for batch production.

Serially produced products:


  1. Asynchronous explosion-proof electric motors with a power from 15 to 355 kW (ADVR (P, M), VKDV, 2EKVE4M, ADVK, AKD (R, X, N, T), EKVD, VAOOD).

One-speed electric motors series ADVK with water cooling capacity from 90 to 355 kW and two-speed power of 45 / 132kW, 55 / 160kW, 65 / 200kW, 85 / 250kW, 105 / 315kW, 120 / 360kW, 125 / 250kW, 160 / 315kW are advanced analogues electric motors produced by Damel (Poland) and successfully operated by coal enterprises.

The ECVD series motors are the advanced analogues of the SG series electric motors manufactured by Damel (Poland) and are used as part of the combine harvesters of the MB series produced by T-Machinery in the Czech Republic and for the drive of a coal-mining machine for long lavas 4SL20 produced by JOY MININGMACHINERY (USA).

State Enterprise "Donetsk Electrotechnical Plant" has experience in manufacturing the ECVD motor 3,5-36 36/1500 analogue of the imported electric motor 2SG 4 225 S4 36/1500 which is used on the MR-620 combine.

Electric motor EKVD 3,5-36 36/1500 is made in climatic design IP66 which allows an operation under direct influence of water.

The encapsulation of the stator winding allows the operation of the stator in water has been made.

Electric motor ECVD 3,5-36 36/1500 made it possible to operate the MR-620 without accident in complex mining and geological conditions with a large inflow of water.

Video of engine tests can be found on request "waterproof engine" on the channel "Youtube".

Type and level of explosion protection - РВ 3VIA according to GOST 12.2.020-76, РВ ЕхdiaI according to GOST R 51330.0-99;

Level of protection of motors and terminal box - IP54 in accordance with GOST 17494;

Method of cooling engines - IСW37 according to GOST 20459;

Type of climatic design of engines - U2.5 in accordance with GOST 15150.

Electric motors series ADVR and VKDV have significant advantages over analogues due to the following design features:

  • Double copper-brass squirrel cage of the rotor;
  • Improved insulation system with increased moisture resistance;
  • Improved torque response.
  • Longer operation (of the order of 2-fold increase in comparison with the aluminum rotor);
  • The use of copper-brass rotor eliminates the premature write-off of the engine as non-repairable due to the melting of the aluminum of the rotor, reduces the number of repairs and increases its operating time for failure;
  • an acceptable price in comparison with European counterparts

In addition to the standard series of standard electric motors presented by SE "Donetsk Electrotechnical Plant" the enterprise takes into account the wishes of customers for modernization and non-standard performance of electric motors.


  1. Electric starting equipment.

Explosion-proof intrinsically safe PIDID series:

They are designed to remote control of the switching on and off of asynchronous squirrel-cage induction motors operated in three-phase alternating current networks with a frequency of 50 Hz with an isolated neutral of the transformer in coal mines dangerous for gas (methane) and coal dust, as well as for protection against short-circuit currents. and overload in the outgoing power circuits. Manufactured in reversible and non-reversible designs. The starters do not emit electromagnetic interference on the control, protection, telecommunications circuits involved in the common cable network of the site. Types of climatic performance of starters УХ Л 5 in accordance with GOST 15150, explosion protection - РВ-3В Iа.

- rated current - from 16 to 315 A;

- supply voltage - 660 / 380V, 1140 / 660V.

- kinds of contactors - air, vacuum.

According to the customer’s request all starters can be equipped with Hansen contactors and units.

Automatic circuit-breakers AVD

Designed to protect electrical installations from short-circuit currents as well as for operational switching on and off of electrical circuits under normal operating conditions in three-phase AC networks with a frequency of 50 Hz with an isolated neutral when installed in coal mine workings dangerous for gas (methane) and coal dust.

Provide protection: zero, short-circuit currents, blocking when the insulation resistance of the outgoing connection decreases, loss of control when the remote shutdown wires are closed or broken.

An additional voltage indication function is introduced in the AED-DO which is absent in analogues and the reliability of the interlocking device of the circuit-breaker is simplified and increased.

Soft starters UVPPD

Are intended for smooth start-up of asynchronous electric motors in coal mines, dangerous on gas (methane) and coal dust. Equipped with a thyristor module, which provides a smooth torque boost during start-up.

The devices are made in a single compact housing and perform all the functions of the starter.

It is allowed the connection of two or more engines subjected to their total operating current is not more than the rated current of the device.

UVPPD -315 is characterized by the fact that the contactors are connected in series which allow to disconnect the device in an emergency situation when welding contactor contacts.

Explosion-proof transformer substations of the VSTP with a capacity of 630, 1000 kVA.

Substations of the VSTP type are designed to supply three-phase current to current collectors installed in underground mine workings that are dangerous for gas (methane) and coal dust as well as to provide protection against leakage currents and overcurrent protection including combined networks according to the "Safety in coal and shale mines rules ".

Substations are designed for both the domestic market (GOST 16837, GOST 22782.0) and for supplies to Russia and the CIS countries.

Type of climatic performance of substations - UHL 5 and T 5 in accordance with GOST 15150.

Substations according to the level and type of explosion protection have the following versions: РВ-4В-3В (ЕхdiaI) according to GOST 12.2.020, РВ (ЕхdiaI) according to GOST R 51380.1.

The degree of protection of the substation shells is not lower than IP54 according to GOST 14254.

Aggregates starting mine APShD.

Designed to power a hand-held power tool with a voltage of 127V or 220V, lighting, automation circuits and alarms. There is also the possibility of connecting local lighting up to 0.2 kW.

The electrical circuit of the APShD unit provides protection against short-circuit currents in the outgoing power circuits and in the primary winding of the power transformer; protection against overloading of current collectors; protection against earth leakage currents; blocking the inclusion of the outgoing connection with a decrease in insulation resistance of the power wires below the critical one; protection against loss of controllability in the event of a break or excessive increase in the resistance of the ground circuit and when the remote control circuit is closed; zero protection; protection against self-switching when the mains voltage is increased.


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