Kazackoe-Don, Ltd

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DPR, 83005, Kuprina, 42

The company "Kazackoe-Don" is a manufacturer of modern flexible packaging. We have been successfully working since 1999. We are rapidly developing introducing new production technologies, improving the quality of the manufactured product.

The company "Kazackoe-Don" is engaged in the production and sale of absolutely any types of packaging which are so necessary today for various enterprises: retail outlets and supermarkets, food production, post offices and delivery services, medical and banking institutions.

Supermarket chains, shops and small outlets can not spend a day without such a good as a "T-shirt" package - capable of adequately withstanding the full weight of purchases. You can buy a package "T-shirt" in various sizes and colors with the logo and name by making an order on the site or by calling with our managers.

Shops of perfumery, offices and souvenir shops as a rule order packages of the "banana" type - neat, spectacular with a printed logo. This kind of packaging will also serve as an excellent advertising medium for your brand. The most bright and high-quality packages of "banana" type are produced by the company "Kazackoe-Don". Our experience in the field of packaging production is guaranteed.

Today delivery services are very popular and competition in this industry is growing. A significant role in this area is played by high-quality packaging of the parcel which is responsible for the safety of the goods during transportation. We produce various products for packaging, marking and protecting parcels from damage, moisture and dust. Only here you can buy a safe-package from the manufacturer at the most affordable price as well as order a courier package which is surely useful for sending important documentation.

Read more about all types of packaging produced by the company "Kazackoe-Don" on our website www.kazatskoe-don.com in the sections of the product catalog each of which gives examples of our work.


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