Registration Address
DPR, 83050, Donetsk, Universitetskaya St., 37
Actual Address
DPR, 83004, Donetsk, Artema St., 169M

“Baikal” specializes in the production of precision spare parts, tooling and wear parts for wire, small-grade mills of metallurgical enterprises. Baikal, Ltd. is engaged in the production of directing devices NKP-320 and NKP-260 which are designed for the movement direction of mine lifting vessels and counterweights in rectangular cross-section conductors of rigid armatures of vertical shafts of coal mines. Among the company's services mechanical processing of metal takes a special place:

- turning operations with processing of small parts and assembly units of various complexity and high degree of surface cleanliness; turning equipment produces processing of structural and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloys.

- milling works, executed with the help of universal milling machines and on CNC machines which allow milling at different angles using various tools.

- repairing of mechanical components and manufacturing of spare parts;

- various kinds of metalworks;

- producing of molds;

- producing of stamps.


Dymenko A.N.

+380713342151, +380623056202