Registration Address
286141, Makeevka, Sknareva St., 50
Actual Address
286141, Makeevka, Sknareva St., 50

SALKOM PLUS, Ltd is a leading meat processing enterprise with rich production traditions. These are modern technologies of meat processing, unique product formulations, constant quality control. All this allows us to offer consistently high-quality and amazingly delicious products to consumers.

The capacities of the canning shop are designed to produce up to 30 thousand cans of canned food per day. These are canned meat, pates, animal food.

In parallel, we have established the production of semi-finished products, sausage and meat products under the trademarks "VIK" (delicious and qualitative), "Tsarskaya ohota", "Kupetc" and "Smachnogo." The assortment of sausage products for today totals about 50 names of products. The production capacities of the sausage shop make it possible to produce up to 3 tons of sausages and smoked products per day.

Technological lines of the plant are equipped with modern equipment of the leading manufacturers of Europe. Products which are manufactured with the use of advanced technologies fully satisfies the requirements of GOST and TU. The company has an integrated quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001: 2000.

At the heart of the company's success lies the creative approach, latest technologies and modern equipment, as well as the experience that allows to maintain high quality of sausage and canning products, improve the quality and increase the output.


Karavatskaya Lyudmila Vladimirovna