Machine-building plant "ITRAS", SE

Registration Address
83038 Donetsk, Chusovskaya St., 47
Actual Address
83038 Donetsk, Chusovskaya St., 47

Machine-building plant "ITRAS" is a manufacturer of transport systems, highly reliable conveyor equipment and its components (including rollers, stands, drives, tension stations, reducers, etc.). Our company is also a manufacturer and a supplier of automated industrial safety management systems (SAUPB) and unified telecommunication automated dispatch control systems and automated control of air and gas environment, mining machines and technological complexes (UTAS).

Production facilities are located on the territory of the plant in Donetsk and include mechanical, forging, foundry, tool shops, metalwork assembly shop and assembly and adjustment area for automated control systems. The enterprise has a fleet of machines and equipment which includes turning, milling, gear-hobbing machines, SINICO processing center, equipment for plasma cutting of metals, welding equipment, etc.

We have our own production and you will receive products without intermediaries. Full cycle: products - delivery - installation - warranty.

For more information about our products and prices please contact us. We will prepare and provide you with it in the shortest possible time.



Makhonina Yana Leonidovna

Chief Engineer
+380501414313, +380713312766