Lakond, Ltd.

Registration Address
83055, Donetsk, Chempionnaya St., 80
Actual Address
83062, Donetsk, 1-ya Alexandrovka St., 9D

Lakond, Ltd uses production facilities located in Donetsk and Lugansk. The company began its activity in 1991. The production activity of confectionery began in 1993 year.

“Lakond” focuses its efforts on the development of branded products, and it relies on high-quality in production, complex products (chocolate combination candies, sugary, extrusion and mealy products) using high-tech lines with constant quality control of the raw materials used.

The assortment of products includes over 200 items. Among them, as the long-known "Sovietskiye" sweets: "Gulliver", "Strela", "Kurochka Ryaba", "Romashka", "Cintron", "Meteorite", "Prometheus", "Kalmius", "Premiere", "Shcolniye "," Artek ".

Production facilities allow producing up to 450 tons of products per day.

The company represents its assortment in partner countries and fully performs foreign economic activity through its representative office in Russia: import / export.

The main range of products: weight chocolate sweets, combined sweets and packaged jelly chewing sweets, cookies, extrusion and mealy products.


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