Slavoliya Group, Ltd

Registration Address
DPR, 83045, Donetsk, Leninskiy region, Leninskiy Ave, 43, 3
Actual Address
DPR, Donetsk, Ilyicha Ave, 99
The main range of products: mayonnaise production, production of ketchups, sauces and packing of tomato paste, production of long-cut and short-cut pasta, production of fresh vermicelli, bottling of vegetable oil, packing of cereals, flour, fruit and vegetable preservation, breadcrumbs.

Slavolia Group Ltd is one of the largest food industry enterprises of Republic. It includes two enterprises: Donetsk mayonnaise plant and Donetsk macaroni factory.

Slavolia Group Ltd specializes in the production of oil and fat products (sunflower oil, mayonnaise, mayonnaise sauces) for TM "Slavolia", TM "Urozhai" and TM "Port Salute" and for pasta products of "Urozhai", "Kozachok" and "Port Salute” trademarks . "Slavolia Group" produces products in the segment of fruit and vegetable preservation, packaged cereals, tomato group (ketchups, sauces, pasta.) and instant noodles under the TM "Urozhai".

Enterprise Donetsk mayonnaise plant (it was known as Donetsk margarine plant earlier) has been put into operation in 1949. It has been carried out modernization and reconstruction of the equipment with installation of new modern lines at the enterprise for the period of work. The plant produces mayonnaise, tomato group, a wide range of sauces and packages vegetable oil. The production capacity of the mayonnaise plant can produce over a thousand tons of products per month. Modern automatic packaging lines allowed significantly to increase the productivity and output volumes of the plant. The use of exclusively natural components, improved recipe and strict quality control have become a prerequisite for high popularity among consumers.

Donetsk macaroni factory is the largest enterprise for the production of pasta in Republic and in foreign market. The enterprise was established in 1935. The capacities of its production lines of the Swiss firm BUHLER allow to produce more than 30 types of long and short-cut pasta while the packing equipment of Italy, Spain and Germany production allows to pack 5-7 tons of pasta per day in a modern and high quality polypropylene package with weighing of 400 , 800, 1000 grams or more. In total, at the start of three production lines, the pasta factory can produce more than 40 tons of pasta per day. Thanks to the use of traditional classical technology based on its own, high-quality raw materials with a high content of gluten and high professionalism of employees, the company is the leader in the production of pasta in Republic.

The plant constantly expands the range of products with new goods and already in 2017 the line for the production of fresh vermicelli and packaging of cereals of the TM "Urozhai" was launched. A new series of cereals from TM "Urozhai" is represented by 14 positions: buckwheat, semolina, wheat, wheat "Artek", barley and pearl barley, peas, millet, rice "Round", rice "Long grain", rice "Long grain parboiled" rice "Kamolino", rice "OSMAN" and rice "OSMAN Kamolino".

At the enterprises of Slavolia Group Ltd there is a constant foreign economic activity on importing raw materials and materials for production from Russian Federation as well as exporting their own products.

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