Kolbiko, Ltd

Registration Address
DPR, 86126, Makeevka, Lebedeva St., 78
Actual Address
DPR, 86126, Makeevka, Lebedeva St., 78

The fundamental principles of the company "Kolbiko" have always been the high quality of products since the foundation and for many years.
Only a company that produces a quality product can be successful in the conditions of severe competition. Therefore, Kolbiko performs quality control at all stages of the production process: from the time of receipt of raw materials and to the shipment of finished products. This allows the company to maintain a leading position among producers of sausages and smoked products in the region.
At the heart of the company's success lie the creative approach, the latest technologies, modern equipment and experience that allows maintaining a high class of sausage products, constantly working on new products, expanding the range, improving quality and increasing output.
Today "Kolbiko" is modern meat processing technologies, unique formulations of products, constant quality control. All this allows us to offer consumers consistently high-quality and delicious products.
            The company looks at the future with confidence with huge prospects and far-reaching plans: increase in sales volumes, increase of labor efficiency, commissioning of new capacities, optimization of the assortment line, development of new regions, expansion of branded stores.



Kolbiko, Ltd

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