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O-MET, Ltd

DPR, Donetsk, Rose Luxemburg St., 72

O-MET, Ltd. specializes on the production of both standard and non-standard and specialized equipment for various industries: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mining, chemical, coke-chemical, agricultural and food industries. The main area of activity is designing and manufacturing of valves for small-section rolling mills.

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Alyans RTI, Ltd

DPR, Donetsk, Bahmetyeva St., 34, office No 106

Alliance RTI, Ltd. is engaged in complex deliveries in the field of rubber products.

Clients of our company are coal enterprises, ore mining and processing enterprises, crushing and sorting plants, quarries, metallurgical plants, machine-building plants, agricultural enterprises and many others.

All products are certified and have a manufacturer's quality passport.


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Donetsk UIE “Electroapparat”

83014, DPR, Donetsk, Pavshih komunarov Ave, 61

The main activities of the company are:

  • Production of a dispenser-plug for a vodka bottle. These products are represented by two types of dispensers, depending on the diameter: D-28 and D-31.
  • Vodka Stopper
  • Production of shoe covers in capsules for use in vending machines. Production of capsules of the "acorn" type for packing small items.
  • Production of closures, the range of which includes several types of covers for glass jars. In this category there are three types: the metal cover crimp RMS 1-58, the metal cover crimp SKO 1-82 and the lid of polyethylene size 1-82.
  • Manufacture and assembly of cable products. In this category, various types of electrical harnesses are assembled from multi-colored wires. The length, number of cores and their color, as well as other design features are determined by the requirements of the order and can vary widely. Our plaits can be successfully applied in household appliances, in various equipment, in the automotive industry and in many other industries.
  • Accessories for gas-electric cookers. This group includes: some types of electrical harnesses, terminal box, some fasteners, plastic parts and more.
  • Components for rolling stock: nuts usual and filled in plastic, flexible connections of different types, shunts of different types, relays and others.
  • Socket and plug for automotive low voltage - 47K, 48K.
  • Electrical cartridges for lamps with threaded base. These products are represented by the following types: E-27 ordinary cartridge, E-27 chandelier cartridge, E-14 cartridge.
  • Manufacturing of components for rolling stock of the railway. The products are represented by several types of flexible connections from the PG wire, several types of shunts, etc.
  • Components for the rolling stock of city electric transport. These are 550 V power coils, contactor shunts, different spring springs.
  • Components of the track. The products are presented by the connector of the rail joint CPC-97s, the connector arrow, the arrow switch connector.
  • Manufacture of disk metal brushes of different sizes. They are used for cleaning surfaces from corrosion as well as in preparation for painting and for other similar works.
  • We provide services for assembling products and individual units from customer-supplied raw materials. In the process of assembly it is possible to manufacture parts on the equipment of our enterprise.
  • Casting parts from polymers on injection molding machines. Raw materials used for the casting of plastic parts: polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and others.
  • Manufacturing of units, parts and dies on mechanical equipment.
  • Processing of parts from various types of metals and plastics, threading, stamping parts on press equipment and more.

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Scientific-Production Enterprise “Synthes”, PE

83110, DPR, Donetsk, Stepnogorskaya St., 1B

Development, production and supply of epoxy adhesives, binding compounds for various industries. The range of materials, description and technology of their application are presented on our website

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86115, Makeevka, Magistralnaya St., 4A

The company is a manufacturer of plastic products for household purposes. The products we produce: buckets of various sizes, basins, buckets, plastic utensils (a plate, a cup), a half-teflon cover; building boxes for concrete.

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Gorlovka Meat Processing Plant, SE.

DPR, 84630, Gorlovka, Hlebozavodskaya St., 1A

Gorlovka Meat Processing Plant is a modern developing meat-processing enterprise of the Donetsk People's Republic.

It takes its roots from 1937 and does everything possible to preserve the long traditions and quality of sausage products and delicacies.

The assortment of products produced by Gorlovka Meat Processing Plant consists of more than eighty titles.

Each buyer can choose sausages and delicacies to taste.

The trading network of GGorlovka Meat Processing Plant  covers a considerable part of the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Products produced by the plant will not leave indifferent any buyer.

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DPR, 86783, Kharcizsk, Zugres, Lenina St., 9

Artemida, Ltd. has been operating since 2005.

The young enterprise has gone a serious development path from a small production workshop that produced only 5 types of sausage products to an enterprise that produces over 30 products today for 12 years of work.

The assortment of produced meat products allows satisfying the demands of any buyer, even the most demanding one. Sausages and meat delicacies are available in vacuum packaging and packaging with a protective gas medium for the convenience of consumers that increases the shelf life of the product and creates a sterile environment in the package.

The buyer can be sure that the products which are produced by the enterprise are natural, safe and satisfies with the specifications and GOST. At the enterprise the production quality control system works  from the receipt of raw materials to the output of finished products.

Over the years  a lot of experience in the development of recipes, the production of meat products and the introduction of new products on the market has been accumulated.

Artemida's business card is the high quality of its products at affordable prices and expansion of the assortment.


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Collective scientific and production innovation enterprise "Energoengineering", Ltd.

DPR, Donetsk, Titova Ave, 8B

Directions of work:

  1. Development, manufacturing, supply, technical support of the entire spectrum including high-pressure valves, industrial pipeline fittings, components and spare parts for thermal power (TPP, TEU, boiler rooms, etc.), chemical, oil and gas, mining and processing industries.
  2. Manufacturing of sealing elements from thermally expanded graphite, washing-stuffing pads.
  3. Development and manufacturing of equipment for manufacturing construction materials (foam concrete, dry mixtures, thermal insulation, brick and blocks using the technology of zone compaction).
  4. Development and manufacturing of non-standard equipment and components according to the technical task, customer's sketches.
  5. Manufacturing of components and spare parts for industrial equipment, agriculture, transport, electric transport, mining and processing industry, medicine, etc.
  6. Manufacturing, installation, adjustment, technical support of heating systems on the basis of electrode boilers.

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Donetsk, village Krasnoye, "Mineral Water Plant"

The company "Meatorg" is a manufacturer of sausages and meat delicacies  which are produced in the Donetsk region. The company was founded in 2015. At the enterprise there are shops with modern equipment. In February 2017, the site for the production of raw smoked sausages was put into operation. Also the company has its own vacuum shop. TM "Myastorg" produces more than 60 products. Production capacity is 50t / month.

We offer a large range of our products: boiled sausages, boiled-smoked / semi-smoked sausages, smoked sausages, meat delicacies and other products. Thanks to the fact that we have our own farm we can produce competitive high-quality products at an affordable price for the consumer.

We try to give maximum attention to each client.

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86700, DPR, Kharcizsk, Filatova St., 9

KHARTSYZSK STEEL-ROLLER-ROPE PLANT "SILUR" is a multi-profile hardware enterprise that has 70 years of production experience and possesses modern technologies, testing equipment and production facilities for manufacturing of steel light and galvanized steel wire with various zinc coating layers ranging from 0.15 mm up to 6.0 mm for a wide range of applications, copper-plated wire, about 3000 standard sizes of steel ropes with diameters from 0.5 mm to 78 mm, including progressive structures and ropes of closed construction of various strength groups from 1370 to 2160 N / mm²., as well as cores for steel-aluminum wires, reinforcing strands, metal mesh, fiber for steel-fiber-reinforced concrete and slings.

Silur’s products are used in the coal mining industry, mining, oil production and oil refining industries, metallurgy; industrial, transport and agricultural engineering; in the rubber industry; in the building industry, in printing; in the marine and river economy; in elevator and brake systems and others.

Our products has been exported to dozens of countries around the world and has been used for the construction of such world-famous objects as the Ostankino TV Tower, the Yevgenia Vuchetich Monument "Motherland Calls" in Volgograd, cable-stayed bridges in Riga and Kiev, as well as Khmelnytsky, South Ukrainian and Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plants . Khartsyzsk ropes hold the domes of the ten largest circuses which includes Donetsk. The products of KHARTSYZSKIY STALEPROVOLOCHNIY-KANATNIY ZAVOD "SILUR" have been tested over time and its reputation is proved by a number of awards including international ones.

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Lakond, Ltd.

83055, Donetsk, Chempionnaya St., 80

Lakond, Ltd uses production facilities located in Donetsk and Lugansk. The company began its activity in 1991. The production activity of confectionery began in 1993 year.

“Lakond” focuses its efforts on the development of branded products, and it relies on high-quality in production, complex products (chocolate combination candies, sugary, extrusion and mealy products) using high-tech lines with constant quality control of the raw materials used.

The assortment of products includes over 200 items. Among them, as the long-known "Sovietskiye" sweets: "Gulliver", "Strela", "Kurochka Ryaba", "Romashka", "Cintron", "Meteorite", "Prometheus", "Kalmius", "Premiere", "Shcolniye "," Artek ".

Production facilities allow producing up to 450 tons of products per day.

The company represents its assortment in partner countries and fully performs foreign economic activity through its representative office in Russia: import / export.

The main range of products: weight chocolate sweets, combined sweets and packaged jelly chewing sweets, cookies, extrusion and mealy products.

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Teplichnyi, Ltd.

Donetsk, Zemledelcheskaya St., 32

Teplichnyi, Ltd is an agricultural enterprise. It is engaged in the cultivation of cereals, industrial crops, the production of cow's milk, young cattle, the production of sunflower oil

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Machine-building plant "ITRAS", SE

83038 Donetsk, Chusovskaya St., 47

Machine-building plant "ITRAS" is a manufacturer of transport systems, highly reliable conveyor equipment and its components (including rollers, stands, drives, tension stations, reducers, etc.). Our company is also a manufacturer and a supplier of automated industrial safety management systems (SAUPB) and unified telecommunication automated dispatch control systems and automated control of air and gas environment, mining machines and technological complexes (UTAS).

Production facilities are located on the territory of the plant in Donetsk and include mechanical, forging, foundry, tool shops, metalwork assembly shop and assembly and adjustment area for automated control systems. The enterprise has a fleet of machines and equipment which includes turning, milling, gear-hobbing machines, SINICO processing center, equipment for plasma cutting of metals, welding equipment, etc.

We have our own production and you will receive products without intermediaries. Full cycle: products - delivery - installation - warranty.

For more information about our products and prices please contact us. We will prepare and provide you with it in the shortest possible time.


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The company is able to produce castings for the following industries: mining, coke, coal, energy, agriculture, flour-milling and other industries (all needed to be produced by casting).

The production capacity of the foundry allows performing the production program in the amount of 15-30 tons per month of foundry products depending on the nomenclature. The weight of cast parts from 0,5 kg to 300 kg. They are produced by the method of forming into sandy-argillaceous forms and the most demanded and more accurate method of casting in cold-hardening mixtures (CHM).

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286141, Makeevka, Sknareva St., 50

SALKOM PLUS, Ltd is a leading meat processing enterprise with rich production traditions. These are modern technologies of meat processing, unique product formulations, constant quality control. All this allows us to offer consistently high-quality and amazingly delicious products to consumers.

The capacities of the canning shop are designed to produce up to 30 thousand cans of canned food per day. These are canned meat, pates, animal food.

In parallel, we have established the production of semi-finished products, sausage and meat products under the trademarks "VIK" (delicious and qualitative), "Tsarskaya ohota", "Kupetc" and "Smachnogo." The assortment of sausage products for today totals about 50 names of products. The production capacities of the sausage shop make it possible to produce up to 3 tons of sausages and smoked products per day.

Technological lines of the plant are equipped with modern equipment of the leading manufacturers of Europe. Products which are manufactured with the use of advanced technologies fully satisfies the requirements of GOST and TU. The company has an integrated quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001: 2000.

At the heart of the company's success lies the creative approach, latest technologies and modern equipment, as well as the experience that allows to maintain high quality of sausage and canning products, improve the quality and increase the output.

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Triada Plus, Ltd

DPR, 86001, Yasinovataya, Gercena St., 19

Production of acrylic paint and varnish materials

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DPR, 83050, Donetsk, Universitetskaya St., 37

“Baikal” specializes in the production of precision spare parts, tooling and wear parts for wire, small-grade mills of metallurgical enterprises. Baikal, Ltd. is engaged in the production of directing devices NKP-320 and NKP-260 which are designed for the movement direction of mine lifting vessels and counterweights in rectangular cross-section conductors of rigid armatures of vertical shafts of coal mines. Among the company's services mechanical processing of metal takes a special place:

- turning operations with processing of small parts and assembly units of various complexity and high degree of surface cleanliness; turning equipment produces processing of structural and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloys.

- milling works, executed with the help of universal milling machines and on CNC machines which allow milling at different angles using various tools.

- repairing of mechanical components and manufacturing of spare parts;

- various kinds of metalworks;

- producing of molds;

- producing of stamps.

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Snezhnyansk garment factory "Snezhinka", Public Joint Stock Company

86500 DPR, Snezhnoye, Arsenalskaya St., 1

"Snezhinka" is a light industry enterprise with a 50-year production history based on the closed mine 15" Osnovnaya" in April 1964. The factory is located within the Leontief forest in the microdistrict 15 "Osnovnaya" in 6 km from city center. The company specializes in producing a full range of clothes for women, men, children: blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, coats. According to special orders the company can produce - kraftirovannuyu form, special clothing for the coal industry, engineering enterprises, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, health, etc. The factory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the production of this range. The production capacity of the enterprise allows producing more than 2000 pcs. costumes for male workers per month. There have been issued certificates for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents for costumes for miners and men's suits for protection against general industrial pollution and mechanical influences, as well as for knitwear shirts.

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283017 DPR, Donetsk, Vyatskiy lane, 2b

ARKSEL, Ltd is a specialized plant for the production of electrodes of special and general purpose as well as welding wire. The enterprise has a 100% input control of materials, a control of production operations and quality of finished products. The enterprise has its own testing laboratory with equipment, instruments and techniques which is necessary for performing of the input control of raw materials, control and support of technological processes, acceptance testing of finished products.

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ALEX 2005 LTD, Ltd

DPR, Donetsk, Boklevskogo St., 1A

ALEX 2005 LTD, Ltd offers an assortment of quality household chemicals presented in the line of TM "LADY CLEAN".

"LADY CLEAN" will help save not only your family budget but also precious time which is better to devote yourself and loved ones, interesting hobbies but not to domestic matters!

For many years our enterprise ALEX 2005 LTD, Ltd. is pleased with its high-quality and affordable products. A large range of goods helps to make cleaner homes and apartments, offices and restaurants.

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