Wallpaper glue Fleece

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General information

- designed for gluing all types of wallpaper on a non-woven base, heavy vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis for painting or not;

- drawing on the wall with a brush or roller;

- high adhesive capacity;

- simple cooking. Willingness in 5 minutes;

- forms a homogeneous solution without lumps and odor;

- Resistance to humidity and temperature changes in the room;

- easy to use: perfectly slips, allowing you to adjust the joints and adjust the pattern of the canvas;

- contains antifungal additives, which prevents the occurrence of mold and fungus;

- ecologicaly clean.

COMPOSITION-modified starch, PVA, antifungal additives.

PREPARATION TIME - no more than 5 minutes.

Shelf-life Unlimited.

300 г пакет, 300 г коробка