The deep penetrating primer Gt 4

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Purpose: Gt2 deep penetration primer is intended for priming of strong-absorbing mineral bases such as cement and plaster plasters, brick, concrete, gypsum board, aerated concrete before coating them with water-based paints, putties, adhesives, etc.

Properties: it penetrates into the deep of substrate, securing fragile substrates. It increases the adhesion of paints, glues, mortars. Reduces and aligns a moisture absorption. Reduces the consumption of paints, increases the service life of paint and varnish. Prepares the surface before gluing the wallpapering.

Method of application: preparation of the substrate in accordance with SNiP 3.04.01-87 and DBN B2.6-22-2001. The substrate must be dry and strong without visible traces of destruction. The surface should be cleaned of greasy stains and dirt before using. Apply the agent to the working surface with a roller or a mackerel. Surface and ambient temperature during application should be in the range of + 5 ° C + 35 ° C. Silicating surfaces should be treated in 2 layers with an interval of min 4 hours. Wash tools with water after use.

Composition: milk-white dispersion based on synthetic resins.

Drying time: 4 hours at + 20 ° C and 60% of relative humidity.

Consumption: 0,1-0,2 l / m2

Storage: The primer must be protected from direct sunlight, stored in a hermetically sealed container at a temperature of + 5 ° C + 35 ° C.

Shelf life: 18 months from production date.


Packing: plastic cans of 1, 5 and 10 liters.

Disposal: Do not dispose product residues into drains, water courses or soil. Packaging should be disposed of as construction waste.