Filtering halfmasks "ROSTOK"

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Half mask filtering "ROSTOK", class FFP1

Purpose: protection of respiratory organs from coarse-dispersed mineral and organic aerosols (animal and vegetable origin) as well as synthetic solid ones. Nominal protection factor is 4.

An application area: mining industry, metallurgy (including production of non-ferrous metals and steel), coke production, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, food industry.

Half masks filtering "Rostock", class FFP2

Purpose: protection of respiratory organs from finely dispersed solid and liquid aerosols (soot, welding smoke, oil mist). Nominal protection factor is 12.

An application area: Lead-zinc, metallurgical and chemical plants, factories and plants of final enrichment, industries using electric, gas welding or cutting metals, processing glass and mineral fiber materials.

Half mask filtering "Rostock", class FFP3

Purpose: protection of respiratory organs from finely-dispersed solid and liquid aerosols of heavy metals, radioactive and microbiological aerosols. Nominal protection factor is 50.

An application area: nuclear power plants, biochemical laboratories, radiochemical production