The straw "Zdorovie"

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Prudnikova Elena Alexandrovna

Senior manager of Sale's Department
+380507018566, +380713073775

The technology that is used to produce straws " Zdorovie " allows enjoy delicious and healthy food absolutely all consumers (including people who adhere to certain diets) without damage to health.

  • Straw "Zdorovie ", Straw "Zdorovie" with poppy seeds:

A delicious crispy product that is recommended for consumption by diabetics as well as for people adhering to low-sugar diets. The composition of this product does not include sugar.

  • Straw "Zdorovie " with sesame seeds:

A perfect product for those who adhere to a salt-free diet. It is especially recommended for people with cardiovascular insufficiency, hypertension and those who undergo hormone therapy.

  • Straw "Zdorovie " with fiber:

An exclusive straw for those who adhere to a healthy diet, keeps track of their weight. It normalizes the work of the digestive system, helps to cleanse the intestines and remove toxic substances from the body due to the increased content of dietary fiber and reduced caloric content.

Технология производства нашей продукции основана на использовании сырья только высшего качества и полностью исключает использование пищевых добавок синтетического происхождения, в т.ч. генно-модифицированных продуктов, эмульгаторов, искусственных ароматизаторов.