Non-woven filtering polypropylene material

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It is designed for fine cleaning of gas and liquid area from mechanical admixtures.
The NFP material is a two-layer 0.75 m wide nonwoven web which is made from thermally bonded ultra-thin polypropylene fibers with a diameter of 1-5 microns by aerodynamic molding. High filtering properties of the NFP material are achieved by applying a stable electrostatic charge to it.

• It is ecologically safe, because it is made of polypropylene for medical use.
• The two-layered material contributes to the improvement of the filtering properties by reducing the kinetic energy of the aerosol particle between the layers.
• It has a high packing density of fibers which promotes self-regeneration (partial dust removal) from the surface of the filter element.
• Material is heat-resistant steel at temperatures up to + 140 ° С.

1. The surface density is 45 - 55 g / m. sq. m.
2. Constant air flow resistance at a speed of 0.01 m / s is not more than 6.0 Pa (0.6 mm Hg)
3. The coefficient of an aerosol penetration with a dispersion of 1-15 μm (M-5) is not more than 0.1%
4. Mechanical strength in the diagonal direction:
- breaking load is not less than 7H
- an elongation is at least 50%

The NFP material is used for the manufacturing of filter elements, personal respiratory protection from aerosols of harmful substances, filters for industrial and household ventilation, filters for cleaning liquids from mechanical impurities.