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The anti-aerosol filters PF are designed to be used in combination with semi-masks made of insulating materials or other filtering means of individual respiratory protection. They are used in plastic housing.
The anti-aerosol filters of the PF are resistant to dust.
Depending on the purpose, anti-aerosol filters PF are available in three grades (brand, efficiency class, diameter / height, application example):     
- PF-1A, P2, 90/24, half-masks "Pulse-M", "Pulse-K", RPA-TD-1, RPA-TD-2
- PF-3, P1, 76/14, Filters combined GLP-95-05     
- PF-4, P2, 104, 20, Half-masks F-62-Sh

Distinctive features:
- have a large filter surface, which promotes comfortable breathing;
- easy to regenerate, which contributes to a long period of operation.