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Mortar knots "Farmer" (РУФ-3)

PE "Plant "FAKEL"
RUF-3 is a complete technological complex of interconnected aggregates controlled by a microprocessor controller, providing:

- automatic preparation of nutrient solutions on three independent channels - Ес-А, Ес-Б and рН, on 9 given programs individually for each of 8 sectors;

- filtration of the prepared solution to 120 μm;

- regeneration of the filter in automatic mode, every 4 hours of operation or after the missed 25 m3 of solution - after the current cycle;

- automatic control of the distribution of the prepared solution to 8 (RUF-3-8) or 16 (RUF-3-16) sectors with an area of ​​0.25 - 1 ha each, 9 cycles, at a set flow rate for each cycle from 0 to 9 , 9 m3 / h and in time 0 - 99 minutes, with automatic exclusion of water hammers. At the same time for each sector and for each cycle, you can specify an individual program for preparing and distributing the solution;

- the beginning of watering of each cycle can be specified in turn or in time. The beginning of the RUF-3 operation can be enabled in automatic, delayed mode through the timer at any time of the day.

During operation of the RPF visual control is provided on the LCD of the set and processed parameter:

- Ес-А; ES-B; pH;

- the number of cycles;

- the amount of solution in gl (1гл = 0,1 m3);

- the working time of this sector.

The same control is provided:

- solution temperature and current time;

- parameters of the pumps operation;

- parameters of the operation of the sensors Ec and pH.

In addition, visual control is provided on the LED mimic diagram:

- working sector and serviceability / faulty elec. valves;

- switched-on metering pumps, timer on.

RUF-3 has an interface with any PC from which you can monitor the work and manage the RUF for all parameters in full, read the history of feeding in the previous few days.

The proportional-integral control law ensures the accuracy and uniformity of solution preparation, regardless of changes in water pressure, density of mother liquors, irrigated area and other external factors.

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Production. Welding and surfacing

Engineering plant “KANT”, Ltd

It is available the surfacing of parts up to 9500 mm in length and up to 1000 mm in diameter. The following equipment is used:

  • electric arc welding equipment, protective gases and under a flux
  • Thermal cutting machine PPLd2,5-6

     To solve complex, non-standard tasks and to maximize the automation of production the KUKA KR125 welding robot is exploited. It uses the FRONIUS TPS4000 synergistic power supply. This equipment allows significantly accelerate the welding process and get evenly melted and accurate seams.

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