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PVA Dispersion


- PVA-25P - dry residue approx. 25%, plasticized;

- PVA-35P - dry residue approx. 35%, plasticized;

- PVA-40P - dry residue approx. 40%, plasticized;

- PVA-51H - dry residue approx. 51%, unplasticized;

- PVA-51 DBF - dry residue approx. 51%, plasticized;

- PVA-51P - dry residue approx. 51%, plasticized;

- PVA-51T - dry residue approx. 51% modified with texanol;

- PVA-53P - dry residue approx. 53%, plasticized.

CONSUMPTION: Depends on the application method and application method.


Viscous liquid of white or slightly yellowish color with a particle size of 1-3 μm without lumps and foreign mechanical inclusions. A surface film is allowed.
Synthetic water-soluble dispersion obtained by polymerization of vinyl acetate in a protective colloid with an acid stabilizer.

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Glue wallpaper Universal

General information

- designed for gluing all types of paper wallpaper (light, ordinary, corrugated, dense and heavy, including washable wallpaper) and vinyl wallpaper;

- high adhesive capacity;

- simple cooking. Willingness in 5 minutes;

- forms a homogeneous solution without lumps and odor;

- Resistance to humidity and temperature changes in the room;

- easy to use: perfectly slips, allowing you to adjust the joints and adjust the pattern of the canvas;

- contains antifungal additives, which prevents the occurrence of mold and fungus;

- ecologicaly clean.

COMPOSITION: modified starch, antifungal additives.

COOKING TIME - no more than 5 minutes.

Shelf-life Unlimited.

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Primers for waterproofing

It is designed to strengthen and improve the moisture resistance of most porous highly absorbent mineral surfaces. They include concrete, expanded clay aggregate, brick, asbestos, slag blocks, limestone blocks, various types of tile, cement-lime and cement-sand plasters, plasterboard, slate, artificial stone, wood, etc.

Increases the moisture and weather resistance of the coating, reduces paint consumption. When added to various mortars increases their strength and moisture resistance.

Applied for the treatment of walls and ceilings in dry and humid rooms as well as facades of buildings. The best hydrophobic effect is achieved on more porous substrates due to deeper penetration of the composition.

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Acrylic paint "Salon-Profi"

For decorative protective coating inside the premises of cement, lime, cement-lime, putty and gypsum bases as well as gypsum boards, wood and wood surfaces, paper and fiberglass wallpaper.
It is especially recommended for painting walls and ceilings in rooms with high operating load and humidity, requiring frequent washing (kitchens, bathrooms, kindergartens, educational institutions, corridors, entrances, offices, shops, industrial, administrative premises, etc.) .

TU U 24.6-25101682.009-2003

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