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Package with air valves

Kazackoe-Don, Ltd

This type of package is equipped with valves that are filled with air creating the effect of an inflatable cushion protecting the goods from impacts, vibrations, moisture and dust.


It is also worth noting that materials that meet environmental standards are used to manufacture this product.

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The dispenser for a vodka bottle

Donetsk UIE “Electroapparat”

The dispenser for vodka is intended for installation in a mouth of a vodka bottle under a screw cap. The dispenser is available in two sizes (in accordance with the diameter of the cap) - 28 mm and 31 mm. It consists of the following elements:

  1. The body of the dispenser in the form of a hollow plug made of high-density polyethylene.
  2. The ball which is embedded in the body - polystyrene.
  3. The liner - closes the body cavity, the material - polystyrene.
  4. Cover which closes the hole in the liner - high-pressure polyethylene.

All raw materials for the production of the dispenser are the primary pellet (100% belonging to the food category).

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