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Plastic goods of household purpose


Products from plastics for household use: buckets, basins, buckets, cups, plates, lids of various sizes.

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Safe packeges

Kazackoe-Don, Ltd

How does it work

The safe package is made of a particularly strong, waterproof three-layer opaque polyethylene of high-pressure whith a  thick of 60 ± 5 μm, 70 ± 5 μm or 95 ± 5 μm. This package is both a signal device and reliable packaging.

The safe package will easily secure documents, prevent damage. It is used at temperatures from -60 ° С to + 60 ° С (it is sealed at a temperature not lower than + 8 ° С).

Each safe-box is equipped with:

  • A protective blue or red valve which due to the specifics of the material and technology features reacts to any penetration attempts - chemical, mechanical, temperature effects. With any encroachment on integrity. There are traces that can not be eliminated. Itt has the inscription "OPEN" and the thermochromic inscription "STOP".

  • An individual 10-digit number and a bar-code corresponding to the number.

  • Three tear-off receipts with repeated indication of the digital number.

  • A pocket for embedding documents on the back of the safe box.

The company "Kazackoe-Don" has the opportunity to make a safe-package with such a set of technical parameters that correspond to the individual concept of the security system of each customer.

Strong protection

A multi-level protection system guarantees reliable protection for your documents:

  • If the safety valve is opened, a sign "OPEN" appears. It does not disappear even if it is closed very quickly, it would not removed;

  • If an attempt is made to break the integrity of the valve by any means (high temperature (> 60 ° C) or low temperature (<-50 ° C), chemicals) it deforms and changes color;
  • It is impossible to cut the bag from below and then to glue because the lower edge is made without a seam.
  • On the sides of the safe box there is a wide 8mm seam or double seam (at the request of the customer). Any damage to the seam immediately becomes obvious.

  • Along the seam there is microprinting which instantly deteriorates when damaged.

  • On each safe package an individual non-repeating number is made which consists of the first two unchanged symbols and then up to 8 varying numbers in ascending numbers. This number is duplicated on vouchers. The barcode corresponding to the number also excludes the possibility of changing the safe package.
  • If the safe-box is closed incorrectly, it is immediately noticeable. In case of correct closing through the valve a special mark is visible.
  • In addition the safe package contains various design elements with cautionary inscriptions, the sender and receiver fields, an information field for additional marks, a graphical instruction for using the safe package.

  • Opening of the safe-package is possible only manually using scissors.
  • Choosing a safe package you will save the parcel from willful penetration. Unintentional damage also happens extremely rarely because the package is equipped with warning labels which can not be overlooked.

    We offer safe boxes of various sizes. Depending on the wishes of the customer safe bags can be from 10 cm to 75 cm in width, and up to 56 cm in height.

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Courier Packages

Kazackoe-Don, Ltd

Product Features

The courier package offered by the company "Kazackoe-Don" is made of high-strength three-layer polyethylene with a thickness of 60 microns or 70 microns.

Visually it is a white packet outside and black inside to prevent visual access to the contents of the package.

Specificity of the courier package is an adhesive valve for closing which must be sealed at a temperature not lower than +8 degrees. If you open it, you will not not paste it again.

Opening of the package is carried out only with the help of scissors. The valve will ensure confidentiality and the material of the package guarantees protection from moisture and mechanical damage. It can be used at temperatures from -40 to +60 degrees.

Our courier packages are very reliable because they are equipped with a multi-level security system:

  • Have a special marking which becomes visible only under the influence of ultraviolet;
  • A special adhesive tape guarantees tightness;
  • When the package is opened the scotch leaves a corresponding inscription. You can open it only once;
  • When trying to work on tapes with high temperatures, special lines become red.

Among the various of courier packages we offer a variety of sizes of ones depending on the wishes of the customer. The width of the bags can be from 10 cm to 75 cm and in height to 56 cm.

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“T-shirt” packages

Kazackoe-Don, Ltd

The most popular among the packages is a "T-shirt" package. This species has many advantages: it is quite capacious, durable and practical; this package is ideal for sale in supermarkets and markets!

The package "T-shirt" is able to keep a high load which is extremely important for customers. The carrying capacity of this type varies from 2 kg to 50 kg depending on the material, volume and size.

We will offer you the best prices and the perfect quality! The company "Kazackoe-Don" produces packages of the "T-shirt" type transparent, colored and with the application of the brand logo of your brand.

All our products are safe and subjected to stringent quality control.

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