PE "Plant "FAKEL"

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83077, Donetsk, Tumanyana, 1A
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83077, Donetsk, Tumanyana, 1A

The plant "FAKEL" produces:

- drip irrigation systems for greenhouses, gardens, fields and all components to them;

- foggers and fogging systems;

- solution and feed systems of various designs and purposes;

- electronic components and controllers for controlling the preparation and distribution of nutrient solutions, controllers for the control of fogging systems;

- polyethylene pipelines, incl. for drinking water supply with a diameter up to 90mm;

- fittings, clamps, injectors, fittings for irrigation systems.


"FAKEL" has high-tech, non-standard equipment with low energy consumption and a high degree of automation, capable of rapid transformation which produces more than 300 items of components. We produce everything for drip irrigation and fogging systems, except for electromagnet valves, pumps, sand and gravel filters and water but we complete the system 100%. Produced systems and components are significantly (sometimes at times) cheaper than similar import ones with a quality that inferior to "brand promotion" and sometimes packaging. But this will not be worse with time. A warranty for all produced is 3 years.

Specialists of "FAKEL" produce design calculations of hydrodynamic resistances of irrigation systems in areas from hundred to hundreds of hectares of any geodetic complexity according to a specially developed program. Projects of drip irrigation with the development of a working scheme for the installation of pipelines and hydrodynamic resistance calculations for its customers are made free of charge. When receiving component materials and parts, the consumer receives the system design, installation and operation instructions for 3-year warranty.


PE “Zavod “FAKEL”

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