Company “ROSMEN”, Ltd

Registration Address
Donetsk, Petrovskogo St., 116A
Actual Address
Donetsk, Petrovskogo St., 116A

Products of TM "Rosmen" has been presented since 1997 in the food market. Today there is an interest in deliveries to the market of the Russian Federation and the countries of the EEU.

The range of products is quite diverse and is divided into the following main areas:

1) corn sticks of sweet and salty group;

2) sweet and salted straw "Lubitelskaya" in the range;

3)  glazed products with confectionery glazes;

4)  caramel sweets.

The technology of production of our products is based on using only the highest quality raw materials and completely excludes the use of artificial additives and genetically modified raw materials. The used technology allows preserving all the useful substances and vitamins contained in corn groats for the entire shelf life.


Prudnikova Elena Alexandrovna

Senior manager of Sale's Department
+380507018566, +380713073775