Iceberg, Ltd

Registration Address
DPR, 86117, Makeevka, Tupoleva St., 1A
Actual Address
DPR, 86117, Makeevka, Tupoleva St., 1A

The company manufactures and sales disposable clothes and medical supplies from high quality hypoallergenic modern nonwoven material (spanbond SMS).

These products can be used:

* in medical institutions;

* in cosmetology rooms;

* at public catering establishments;

* in long-distance trains;

* in the agricultural industry;

* in the SPA salons (saunas, baths, swimming pools);

* as packing materials (bags, bags, covers ...);

* and other areas to protect clothing and items from contamination.

The trend of today is the constant expansion of the comfort zone for the human in our days. One of such comfort zones is disposable clothing.

The use of disposable clothing:

* reduces the risk of spread of infections,

* reduces the number of complications after surgery,

* simplifies and accelerates the immediate process of work,

* reduces the cost of storing a large amount of laundry,

* reduces the costs of disinfection activities,

* reduces the cost of sterilization, the content of sterilization equipment,

* reduce the cost of washing, the maintenance of equipment for washing,

* help maintain high standards of cleanliness of premises.


Puhkiy Yevgeniy Vladimirovich