Registration Address
DPR, 86700, Harcizsk, Filatova St., 9
Actual Address
DPR, 86700, Harcizsk, Filatova St., 9

ENERGO-ALLIANCE, Ltd. is a factory for the production of cable-conductor products with a full production cycle. The plant is equipped with modern equipment which makes it possible to produce high-quality products in the Donetsk People's Republic.

Constant progress in the development of new technologies enables the company to build reliable, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with partners which also allow us to offer a wide range, high quality and lowest prices for cable-conductor products.

At the enterprise there is an individual approach to each Client, a flexible pricing system, optimal working conditions, reliability and shortest delivery times, own fleet of vehicles, warehouse stock of cable and wire products.

"ENERGO-ALLIANCE" Ltd. produces and delivers wire aluminum, steel and copper, cable-conductor products:

- uninsulated wires for overhead power lines AS and A GOST 839-80;

- self-supporting wires with aluminum conductors SIPS 4 and SIP 2 GOST 31946-2012;

- ABBG power cables of GOST 16442-81 with a current cross-section conductor up to 50 mm² with number of cores up to 4;

- wires with polyvinylchloride insulation for electrical installations of GOST 6323-79 of APV, APPV, PPV, PV 3 brands;

- connecting wires and cords for voltage up to 450 V, grades ShVP, ShVVP , PVC;

- heating wires of PNSV-1,2 grades according to TU 16.K 71-013-88;

- power cables with plastic insulation for rated voltage 0,66, marks VVG, VVGP, VVGng, VVGPng, VVGPngd, VVG(A) – LS GOST 31996-2012;

- VP wire with parallel conductors for industrial blasting operations GOST 6585-74.


Mikhaylova Olga Aleksandrovna

Commercial Director