Donetsk UIE “Electroapparat”

Registration Address
83014, DPR, Donetsk, Pavshih komunarov Ave, 61
Actual Address
83014, DPR, Donetsk, Pavshih komunarov Ave, 61

The main activities of the company are:

  • Production of a dispenser-plug for a vodka bottle. These products are represented by two types of dispensers, depending on the diameter: D-28 and D-31.
  • Vodka Stopper
  • Production of shoe covers in capsules for use in vending machines. Production of capsules of the "acorn" type for packing small items.
  • Production of closures, the range of which includes several types of covers for glass jars. In this category there are three types: the metal cover crimp RMS 1-58, the metal cover crimp SKO 1-82 and the lid of polyethylene size 1-82.
  • Manufacture and assembly of cable products. In this category, various types of electrical harnesses are assembled from multi-colored wires. The length, number of cores and their color, as well as other design features are determined by the requirements of the order and can vary widely. Our plaits can be successfully applied in household appliances, in various equipment, in the automotive industry and in many other industries.
  • Accessories for gas-electric cookers. This group includes: some types of electrical harnesses, terminal box, some fasteners, plastic parts and more.
  • Components for rolling stock: nuts usual and filled in plastic, flexible connections of different types, shunts of different types, relays and others.
  • Socket and plug for automotive low voltage - 47K, 48K.
  • Electrical cartridges for lamps with threaded base. These products are represented by the following types: E-27 ordinary cartridge, E-27 chandelier cartridge, E-14 cartridge.
  • Manufacturing of components for rolling stock of the railway. The products are represented by several types of flexible connections from the PG wire, several types of shunts, etc.
  • Components for the rolling stock of city electric transport. These are 550 V power coils, contactor shunts, different spring springs.
  • Components of the track. The products are presented by the connector of the rail joint CPC-97s, the connector arrow, the arrow switch connector.
  • Manufacture of disk metal brushes of different sizes. They are used for cleaning surfaces from corrosion as well as in preparation for painting and for other similar works.
  • We provide services for assembling products and individual units from customer-supplied raw materials. In the process of assembly it is possible to manufacture parts on the equipment of our enterprise.
  • Casting parts from polymers on injection molding machines. Raw materials used for the casting of plastic parts: polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and others.
  • Manufacturing of units, parts and dies on mechanical equipment.
  • Processing of parts from various types of metals and plastics, threading, stamping parts on press equipment and more.


Klimenko Nikolay Pavlovich

General manager
+380623451361, +380713187965

Lukyanov Georgy Vasilievich

Specialist on methods of expanding the sales market

Reutskaya Natalia Alexeevna

Head of Production Department