Snezhnyansk garment factory "Snezhinka", Public Joint Stock Company

Registration Address
86500 DPR, Snezhnoye, Arsenalskaya St., 1
Actual Address
86500 DPR, Snezhnoye, Arsenalskaya St., 1

"Snezhinka" is a light industry enterprise with a 50-year production history based on the closed mine 15" Osnovnaya" in April 1964. The factory is located within the Leontief forest in the microdistrict 15 "Osnovnaya" in 6 km from city center. The company specializes in producing a full range of clothes for women, men, children: blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, coats. According to special orders the company can produce - kraftirovannuyu form, special clothing for the coal industry, engineering enterprises, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, health, etc. The factory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the production of this range. The production capacity of the enterprise allows producing more than 2000 pcs. costumes for male workers per month. There have been issued certificates for compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents for costumes for miners and men's suits for protection against general industrial pollution and mechanical influences, as well as for knitwear shirts.


Galyan Elena Nikolaevna

Deputy Director for Production

Kuryansky Mikhail Vasilyevich