Makeevskiy liteyniy zavod, Ltd

Registration Address
86108, DPR, Makeevka, Sverdlova St., 25
Actual Address
86108, DPR, Makeevka, Sverdlova St., 25

Makeevskiy liteyniy zavod, Ltd was registered on February 16, 2015. The plant is the largest producer of grinding bodies from wear-resistant cast iron. The enterprise produces grinding bodies (ball, ellipsoid, tsilpebs) which are used in all industries for the preparation and processing of raw materials. Grinding bodies are used for grinding iron and non-ferrous ore, cement clinker, coal for TPP, building materials. They are used in technology of both dry and wet grinding of raw materials. The company's products are in demand on the international market. Grinding bodies made of white cast iron without the introduction of alloying additives are three times more resistant to abrasion than similar ones of steel, and their cost is lower by half.