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86700, DPR, Kharcizsk, Filatova St., 9
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86700, DPR, Kharcizsk, Filatova St., 9

KHARTSYZSK STEEL-ROLLER-ROPE PLANT "SILUR" is a multi-profile hardware enterprise that has 70 years of production experience and possesses modern technologies, testing equipment and production facilities for manufacturing of steel light and galvanized steel wire with various zinc coating layers ranging from 0.15 mm up to 6.0 mm for a wide range of applications, copper-plated wire, about 3000 standard sizes of steel ropes with diameters from 0.5 mm to 78 mm, including progressive structures and ropes of closed construction of various strength groups from 1370 to 2160 N / mm²., as well as cores for steel-aluminum wires, reinforcing strands, metal mesh, fiber for steel-fiber-reinforced concrete and slings.

Silur’s products are used in the coal mining industry, mining, oil production and oil refining industries, metallurgy; industrial, transport and agricultural engineering; in the rubber industry; in the building industry, in printing; in the marine and river economy; in elevator and brake systems and others.

Our products has been exported to dozens of countries around the world and has been used for the construction of such world-famous objects as the Ostankino TV Tower, the Yevgenia Vuchetich Monument "Motherland Calls" in Volgograd, cable-stayed bridges in Riga and Kiev, as well as Khmelnytsky, South Ukrainian and Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plants . Khartsyzsk ropes hold the domes of the ten largest circuses which includes Donetsk. The products of KHARTSYZSKIY STALEPROVOLOCHNIY-KANATNIY ZAVOD "SILUR" have been tested over time and its reputation is proved by a number of awards including international ones.


Denisov Vitaliy Vladimirovich

Head of Sale Department

Yudin Konstantin Stanislavovich

Senior manager of Sales Department