Vostokmoreproduct, Ltd

Registration Address
DPR, 83045, Donetsk, Leninskiy region, Professorov Bogoslavskih St., 3
Actual Address
83045, Donetsk, Leninskiy region, Professorov Bogoslavskih St., 3
Vostokmoreprodukt, Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is a new type of enterprise which is based on the highest world standards. The main activity is the industrial processing of fish and wholesale and retail sales of frozen, salted, smoked fish and fish semi-finished products. The products are presented by TM "InterFish"

The enterprise has modern processing equipment for the production and storage of finished products.

The enterprise is managed by the quality and safety control system of HACCP products and certified in accordance with the international system of ISO 22000: 2007.

The policy of Vostokmoreprodukt Ltd. provides for an individual approach to each client. Thanks to an effective management system orders are executed on time and qualitatively.

Safety of products is achieved through strict operational control at all stages of production. The enterprise makes strict requirements to the quality of the raw materials supplied. Control of physicochemical and organoleptic parameters is carried out in a certified laboratory. All the products sold are declared and investigated for quality and safety indicators.



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