Yuuzovsk Metallurgical Plant, State Enterprice

Registration Address
Donetsk, Ivana Tkachenko St., 122
Actual Address
Donetsk, Ivana Tkachenko St., 122
SE "Yuzovsk Metallurgical Plant" was established in June 2016. The company (until June 2016 - JSC (private) "Donetsk Electrometallurgical Plant", until 2009 - ZAO Minimetallurgical Plant "Istil (Ukraine)") was founded in 1999 on the basis of electric steel smelting, crimping and scraping shops of the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant.

The plant specializes in the production of continuously cast square billets for rolling. The production uses environmentally friendly technology for smelting, out-of-furnace processing and casting of steel.

The main equipment: 2 electric arc-furnace electric furnaces with a modern gas cleaning system, a vacuum machine, a ladle furnace, a continuous casting machine.


Production Department